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Architectural Review Request

Architectural Review Request

Please use this form to submit your Design Review Request Form to the Design Review Committee for review.

Option 1: Download and print the Design Review Request form below.  Complete all fields and mail, fax, email or hand deliver to Cornerstone Properties, Inc. (See form for details)

Architectural Form (11/2023)
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Option 2: Fill in the web form below and attach supporting documentation.  If prompted, complete the Google reCAPTCHA and click Submit.


Code Acknowledgement Form
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    *All fields are required unless otherwise noted.

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    Contractor's Information:

    Architectural Request Information:

    Description of work to be performed:

    Please include:

    1. Plans (PDF)
    2. Photos (Please attach below)
    3. Construction Deposit - If required, please mail or hand deliver payment to Cornerstone Properties, Inc. 4523 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85040. Please make payment payable to Ahwatukee Custom Estates.
    4. Signed Compliance Deposit Agreement (pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp)
    5. Drainage & Grading Plans stamped by Civil Engineer (pdf)
    6. Exterior paint color: (pdf: swatches from the manufacturer; for custom colors, please paint two samples of each color on paper (letter size): mail one copy to the office and have one copy available at the site for the ARC review). Architectural pop-outs are not trim. Please list all trim color areas below and identify them in the photos. Trim color areas I wish to paint are the following:
    7. Cut sheet(s) from the manufacturer for all materials (pdf). In addition, please have samples available at the site for small materials, such as roof tiles, pavers, veneer stone/tile, gravel, etc., for the ARC review. Large materials such as doors, windows, solar panels, etc., do not require samples.


    I/We certify the following:

    1. I/We are the owner(s) of this lot in Ahwatukee Custom Estates.
    2. I/We have a copy of the current Architectural Guidelines (AG) for this property.
    3. I/We have a copy of the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs) for this property.
    4. The attached plan is in compliance with the AG & CC&R’s.
    5. The attached plan is not similar in appearance to any existing dwelling in Ahwatukee Custom Estates.
    6. The attached plan is being submitted for approval of the ACE Board of Directors prior to the commencement of any changes to the property.
    7. Any future additions or modifications to this plan, or any future plans will be submitted for approval of the ACE Board of Directors prior to commencement of any changes to the property.
    8. I/We understand that any legal fees and costs incurred by the Association related to legal action commenced due to a deviation from the approved plans or other enforcement action taken by the Association to enforce the Governing Documents will be automatically assessed to our account and will be due and owing.
    9. By accepting this acknowledgment, I/We agree to permit the ACE Board of Directors to inspect the property during and after the completion of the project.


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